How to Vote in Wisconsin

A quick guide on how to vote in the Badger state.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton (whom I loathe and wish had lost to Bernie Sanders in the primaries) narrowly lost Wisconsin by only 22,748 votes. Of the nearly 4.5 million eligible voters in the state, only 3 million cast a vote.

That means that Democrats registering only 30,000 more voters could have helped swing the fate of the nation in a completely different direction (with help in other key states) away from the hate-filled rhetoric and dumbing down of our nation we are currently seeing thanks to Donald Jackass Trump.

If you look at the table below poor attendance for the elections is as Wisconsonian as cheddar cheese and green jerseys. If Democrats and those who believe in progressive ideas hope to win future election, we will have to make an effort to change this trend by registering more like-minded voters.

Year Voting Age Population General Elections Votes General Election Turnout
2016 4,461,068 3,004,051 67.34%
2014 4,416,501 2,422,040 54.84%
2012 4,378,741 3,071,434 70.14%
2010 4,372,347 2,171,331 49.66%
2008 4,330,695 2,996,869 69.20%

Due to all these facts, I have created a quick and easy guide on how to vote in the state of Wisconsin that you can share with anyone you know who lives in Wisconsin and is not registered to vote. Enjoy!


Who can vote in Wisconsin?

  • Must have photo I.D. to vote
    (Wisconsin Photo ID Information)
  • 18 years old by the date of the next election
  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Must live at current address for at least 10 days before the election

Who can’t vote in Wisconsin?

  • Felons cannot vote, but can vote again when their rights are restored
  • If a judge has determined you incompetent to vote you cannot vote
  • If you have placed a bet on the outcome of the election you cannot vote
  • You cannot vote twice in the same election


How to register to vote in Wisconsin:

The Wisconsin voter registration website (MyVote Wisconsin) is easily the best voter registration site I have seen so far.

It allows you to see if you are already registered to vote and easily register if you are not. It also allows you to check what issues will be on your ballot, update your address, and request absentee ballots among many other options.

myvote wisconsin

If you prefer mailing your registration in you can do that as well but you will have to print out the form and make sure you mail it to the address of your local municipal clerk which you can locate at

You can download the voter registration application here:
Wisconsin Voter Registration Form

Proof of residency will be required if you mail in your voter registration, register in person at the municipal clerk’s office, or register on the day of the election. Generally a photocopy of a utility bill or ID will work for this. Since you need an ID to vote in Wisconsin you may as well just take a copy of that if you have one or begin getting yours to provide as proof of residency. You are also able to get a free voter ID in Wisconsin if you go to your local DMV and apply for one.

wisconsin proof of id

Proof of residency requirements can be found here:
Wisconsin Proof of Residency Requirements

Information on how to obtain a free Voter ID or other ID in the state of Wisconsin can be found at the website for the Wisconsin DMV here:
Wisconsin Photo Identification Information


How to Vote in Wisconsin

In order to vote in person all you need to do is find your local polling place to vote at and bring your ID on the day of the election.

To find your local polling place go here:
Wisconsin Polling Locations

You can also request an absentee ballot and vote by mail if you are registered to vote already through the MyVote Wisconsin website. You will need to have your absentee ballot in the mail by 8:00pm on the day of election day but it is better to do it sooner than later so the rest of us don’t have to stay up as late on election night waiting for the absentee ballots to keep being counted.

To request an absentee ballot go here:
Wisconsin Absentee Ballot Info



Overall, I am really impressed with how Wisconsin runs their voter registration process. Voting identification is also provided for free so long as you make a trip to the DMV and go through the waiting in line it takes to get it, so it does not seem that ID is being used as a poll tax.

Wisconsin offers so many services and information online that I don’t even have to do that much research trying to figure out how to communicate how to vote in the Badger state. For a state that voted Republican and is led by Paul Ryan I’m actually shocked that they have made it so easy to vote given the general trend of Republicans limiting voting access to their constituents.

Please share this with any and all people you know who are living in Wisconsin so they can either register to vote or share the information with people who can register to vote. Together we can make a difference, we just have to actually act.

American Nonviolent Coordinating Comittee

Dear [Insert Name Here],

I, Ryan Chaichi, am writing to you on behalf of the American Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (ANCC) to seek your help in registering voters who believe in Democratic ideals before the 2020 election.

The 2016 Presidential election was decided by less than 120,000 votes in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Since the 2016 election, Republicans have cut education and research funding, passed discriminatory legislation, cut healthcare funding, and quite frankly embarrassed our country on the world stage.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. We cannot let this continue in 2020, or the 2018 midterm elections for that matter.

Democratic voters were not motivated or educated enough to vote in the swing states which lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Many people also did not know about voter registration deadlines or how or when to vote. We must inspire young voters to vote and we must teach them how to get out and vote in 2018 and 2020.

Only approximately 58% of eligible voters cast a ballot in the 2016 Presidential election. That means there is a lot of room to find votes for 2018 and 2020. If we do not act today to register and educate voters in key areas before the next Presidential election Democrats may be risking another loss by razor-thin margins.

In order to prevent another Republican Presidential victory in 2020, Democrats who live in areas that have an excess of Democratic voters need to invest time and resources into travelling to battleground states to educate and register voters.

The goal of the ANCC is to register enough voters in swing states to avoid handing the Republicans another Presidential victory in 2020. The ANCC will travel to register voters in swing states for the 2018 and 2020 elections in hopes that we can put more Democrats into public office. We will raise money to fund voter registration and education drives and hopefully inspire and fund others to do the same.

The ANCC’s ultimate goal is to move groups of volunteers from Democratic strongholds (Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, etc…) to areas where Democratic candidates need help in the form of educating and registering voters who believe in equal rights for all Americans. However, people cannot easily pack up and leave our homes while we struggle to make our bills and keep a roof over our heads. That’s where the ANCC comes in. We will raise money to pay for lodging and food for volunteers. If we can, we will also pay for transportation.

We need to invest resources in funding voter registration drives and educating American voters.

More importantly: we need to do it now.

The values that America will be fighting for tomorrow are being determined today. We must stand up as liberals and Democrats and return to our roots of actively fighting for equal rights through voter registration and education.

Many Americans have endured unfathomable discrimination and violence just for the right to vote. We must validate the sacrifices that those pioneers before us made and march valiantly to polling stations and vote in 2018 and 2020 with new voters beside us.

I am not asking you for money. I am asking that you invest time and resources into educating voters in your district because Democrats and liberal ideals cannot win an election on rhetoric alone. We saw how rhetoric failed firsthand in the 2016 election and we are seeing the consequences unravel as Trump squanders America’s future. We must nonviolently fight as Americans to vote in our future instead of stand on the sidelines and watching as our rights are stripped from us under Republican rule.

As the founder of the ANCC, I am going to personally demonstrate the mission of the ANCC by road-tripping across America and registering voters. As a Lyft driver my job is nearly as mobile as I am, so I will put my preaching to practice while I work my way across the nation. I will also be trying to recruit like-minded individuals to do the same.

As an individual I will do everything I can to raise money and travel on my free time to register voters and spread the message of the ANCC, but what I can do is limited because I am only a single individual. I need your help. The ANCC needs your help. America needs your help.


Ryan Chaichi
American Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

Peaceful Protests & Voter Registration, Please

On January 16th, 2017, America celebrated Martin Luther King Day. A day in remembrance of a Civil Rights icon who stood up in the face of everything thrown at him to resist peacfully and change the system in any way he could. A day in remembrance of the struggle Dr. King gave his life for. He believed in the future of this country. He had a dream that we could all live side-by-side with equal rights and protections as Americans. Dr. King endured opposition that today’s protestors will never know in comparison to what the Civil Rights Movement endured, and yet today’s protestors feel a need to act out in violence to change the system.

On January 20th, 2017, we watched Donald J. Trump get sworn into office and protesters turn violent in Washington DC. I agree Trump is not qualified to be the President, but the Civil Rights Movement built itself on the backs of peaceful resistance. Breaking windows of a Starbucks that isn’t the neighborhood one you visit isn’t going to solve anything. You wouldn’t do that to the Starbucks you go to down the street from your house or the bank you cash your checks at in your neighborhood. Your outrage doesn’t make it okay to destroy others’ property or harm people who think differently from you.

Hell, most of the people affected by the damage done during protests are the minimum wage workers that oppose Trump also and are just doing their jobs while you break the window panes of their workplaces in the deepest depths of winter, ushering in freezing winds and scaring innocent people. I find it incredibly distressing that this concept of nonviolent protests needs to be explained to my fellow liberals.

If you claim it is only a few individuals causing violence but you’re standing there witnessing it in person and not speaking out, you are complicit. To any liberals who are passively watching the damage unphased or reveling in joy: it is your duty as a liberal to stand up against violent protests to prevent these acts from damaging your own interests in future elections.

I believe in the future of this country and everything Dr. King stood for. That is why it upsets me that protesters these days have turned to violent means to express their opinions. I think Dr. Martin Luther King would be ashamed at how these protests have turned towards violence instead of using the example he gave us and his life for.

I also believe Dr. King would not only be voicing his opinions but trying to register as many people to vote as he possibly could that agreed with what he was protesting for. He relied heavily on organizations to help him that focused on peaceful resistance and registering voters, with one of the most important being the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee  (SNCC). The SNCC was created in 1960 by Ella Baker with an $800 grant from the Southern Christian Leadership Committee (SCLC) which Dr. King was the first President of.

Dr. King was willing to put himself in harm’s way to deliver a peaceful message to all he could deliver it to, but other groups like the SNCC were crucial to increasing voter turnout and changing the political landscape of the country. The SNCC was responsible for many protests, “Freedom Rides”, and sit-ins. Although they eventually fizzled out of existence by 1970 due to internal struggles, their work was essential to both the Civil Rights and Voting Acts in the 1960’s. They were a driving force behind the Freedom Summer of 1964 and due to organizations like them voter registration increased from below 10% among the black community to over 50% within only a few years in some areas. Naturally, this had a huge impact on elections as communities began to realize the power of their votes after they gained the right to vote.

Protesting is wonderful, but protesting without registering new voters and observing nonviolent strategies in the crucial places lost the 2016 election for Democrats. Occupy Wall Street created the beginning of the recent liberal protests, but they effectively did nothing in the long haul policy-wise. Protesting violently will also do nothing to progress liberal policies, and will only incite more rage in Conservatives and get them to turn up to vote in larger numbers in the future.

In comparison, the Tea Party movement is the root of what gave Donald Trump the ability to win. It grew out of opposition to Democrats and Obama whether it was justified or not. The voters who won the election for Trump in the swing states that went against all the pundits’ predictions are a direct result of the Tea Party movement which grew inside the Republican party. They went out and they got their neighbors to vote, they marched on Washington, they did everything right, and even though I don’t agree with them I admire the tenacity they showed in changing the Republican party from within. The Democrats need to use the Tea Party as a case study without the divisive and sometimes racist elements that came with it.

If Democrats don’t take their surplus of voters in their strongholds like the West Coast and invest serious resources in registering voters in battleground states before the 2020 election then liberals are handing another four years to the Republican party.

We need to fund voter registration drives. We need to increase voter registration in the Democratic strongholds of the midwest like Kansas City that get drowned out by the number of conservatives in their states that are registered to vote. We need to pay to relocate people from cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and New York to move to battleground states and work full time registering voters in places like Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

We need Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren doing voter registration drives in battleground states right now. We need to successfully win an election based on how the election actually works and not the popular vote. We need our Democratic members of Congress and the Senate to spend less time fundraising and more time on when, where, how, and why it is so important if we want to change this country.

We saw the amount of popularity Bernie Sanders gained in only one year of campaigning, imagine if he focused his energy right now on helping with the 2018 and 2020 elections. Only half the eligible voters in this country voted in 2016. We have tons of ground to register more liberal voters and flip swing states in 2-4 years. It isn’t that difficult if we educate people on how to vote and get larger numbers of liberal people to actually show up at the polls in the 2018 midterms and 2020 general election.

Many of the things Dr. King dreamed of are a reality today because of the way he fought for the Civil Rights of all people in this country, and people fighting for civil rights and against oppression today have lost sight of the way he accomplished his dreams even after his death. He built a message and convinced voters who were only white to support his ideas in large enough numbers to change the status quo. We need to do the same thing today in the areas that barely won Donald Trump the 2016 election. It is no secret that a vast majority of white voters voted for Trump, and we need to adapt to that reality and take our message to them so that their opinions might change even just a little.

What do we have to lose as liberals? We don’t have control of any of the branches of the government right now, and it will only get worse if we don’t do something about it sooner rather than later.

America Can Do Better than Clinton or Trump

We are exactly one week away from Election Day.

I feel bad for young people who are voting for the first time in the 2016 election though. When I first voted in 2008, Obama was running for his first term. The man was a breath of fresh air. He was not a warhawk or Democratic Party icon like Hillary Clinton; he had a great energy about him. He was not a hardened war-veteran or maverick like John McCain; he was an empathetic, cool, calculated man who believed in working together to solve our nation’s biggest problems.

This year, however, the Presidential election choices are nowhere near as respectable as in 2008. The Democrat and Republican candidates are both a damn joke. They quibble like five year-olds on the debate stage instead of talking about actual issues on the national airwaves, and they are both untrustworthy to boot. Is this the best you have to offer us America?

On the Right hand, you have Republicans propping up the orange-tinted, bigoted, misogynistic, 5-time bankrupt businessman and arsehole Donald Trump; on the Left hand, you have Democrats propping up the conniving, shady, morally and ethically bankrupt career flip-flopper Hillary Clinton.

I won’t be voting for either of these two asshats, and you cannot tell me that it is my fault by voting for a third party that either of your candidates loses. It is not my fault that your parties chose such shitty candidates and that I don’t feel comfortable voting for either of them.

This election is the grandest satire ever played upon the American people by the political elites.

Democrats complain that Russia is tampering with the election while turning a blind eye to the elections and regimes Hillary Clinton has tampered with in the past. Even if it were Russia leaking the Clinton emails, how is it Russia’s fault that the emails exist? It shows the true nature of Hillary Clinton and the people she surrounds herself with that they turn a blind eye to corrupt practices if it is Democrat insiders who are benefitting.

Wikileaks has become a tool Republicans are praising because of their vendetta on Hillary Clinton when they made the website out to be the devil reincarnated in only the recent past. Just before Wikileaks released anything about Clinton, Republicans were attacking the website for releasing information they claimed had put US lives in danger. Republicans are a significant part of the reason why Chelsea Manning is in military prison, Edward Snowden is in asylum in Russia, and Julian Assange is in hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in England. That they now cling to the Wikileaks emails makes me laugh.

Both parties had better spend the next two years building up a new candidate to run in 2020 because Clinton will lose against any Republican that is not a racist and bigoted prick, and a bigoted racist prick will lose against any Democratic candidate.

Hillary could make history as the first woman president, and she could also make history as the first female president to lose a re-election bid. Her ego needs the presidency and she is lucky that it only came down to fighting against Trump this time or she may never have realized that dream for herself assuming she wins. Since her ego will be fed by victory and making history, why doesn’t she do what she can in four years and then retire? She knows that she will be facing an uphill battle again if she needs to run as the incumbent in 2020, so why should she waste the last year and a half to two years of her presidency campaigning when she could pass the baton to someone who is not disliked by over half the nation?

All it will honestly take for the Republicans to win is running a fiscal conservative that leans towards liberal social values to beat her in 2020. That’s what Hillary is already, which explains why some Republicans are able to vote for her even though they know they’ve spent their lives vilifying her. The Republicans will just need to point out the racists and bigots who lost them 2016 election and chastise them for what they are. If Republicans have an epiphany and suddenly supported marriage equality, higher minimum wage, and believed in separation of church and state they would crush Hillary when she runs as an incumbent.

You might be wondering why I dislike Hillary Clinton so much, and I will tell you a few things off the top of my head:

  • Voted for the Iraq war which led to Iraq becoming a failed state
  • Honduras fiasco which led to human and ecological rights activists being murdered
  • Instrumental in failed Libyan regime-change which led to Libya becoming a failed state
  • Supports a Syrian no-fly zone that will lead to civilian deaths and possible war/failed state
  • Cozy to wall street who has paid her mightily
  • Collusion with the DNC against Bernie Sanders
  • Arms deals increases to Clinton foundation donors
  • Only supports certain positions when they are politically expedient or needs votes
    • Gay marriage, higher minimum wage, BLM, anti-TPP but still pro-TPP
  • Has a public position and a private position, also known as being two-faced

Donald Trump could make history as the first Cheeto president, and just to be fair to all you Clinton supporters, I’ll make a list of what I dislike about him as well:

  • Has promoted sexual assault whether or not it was privately or for show
  • He is a misogynist, a racist, and a bigot, among other things
  • Terrible businessman
  • Tax evader and welfare queen

I won’t be voting for either of your shitty candidates Democrats and Republicans. I will be voting Gary Johnson for President, Kamala Harris for California Senate, and on many other issues, but I will not vote for either of your terrible candidates.

I will also not sit idly by for four years if Hillary is elected and accept her presidency without criticism. She is disliked for a good reason, and she is nearly losing to a life-sized cheddar cheese mold because she is a shitty candidate, as is Donald Trump. You can do better America, so do better in 2020 and give us less shitty candidates.

The Independent Case for Gary Johnson in 2016

I was a hardcore Bernie Sanders supporter but he is not in the race anymore and writing his name in or voting Jill Stein is mathematically ignorant. If you do not want Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as President of the United States of America, Gary Johnson is the only viable candidate considering all of the options.

A few months ago I was so impassioned by Bernie Sanders’ energy I wrote a lengthy post on why I couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump and would vote for Sanders anyway. Despite my previous reservations to write Bernie in on my ballot this year though, I have decided to vote for Gary Johnson.


The views of American voters can be placed on a spectrum ranging from far-Left to the far-Right and I am going to summarize the spectrum simply and briefly only considering the major parties involved in this election. On the far-Left you have the Green party and Progressives, who dislike the Democratic Party because they are not liberal enough. This is where Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are. I consider myself to be in this general area on many issues. Moving to the right is the Democratic Party, which occupies the largest portion of the Left side of the political spectrum. In the center you have Libertarians as well as many other independent voters. On the Right side of the center, you have the Republican party. There are two general views among Republicans: “compassionate” conservatives and the Tea-Party conservatives who are what could be considered more far-Right than the general conservative viewpoint. If we were to put the distribution of voters on a line it would look similar to a double-bell curve.

There are essentially four options in this election for President: Jill Stein on the far-Left, Hillary Clinton on the Left, Gary Johnson in the center, and Donald Trump on the Right but leaning on the very far-Right. I will not vote Clinton or Trump, so that leaves Stein and Johnson.

Jill Stein may be more aligned with Bernie Sanders’ views, but she cannot pull votes from all areas of the political spectrum and stands zero chance to win. She sits on the far-left end of the double-bell curve which is the American political spectrum. Gary Johnson is pulling voters in from his chief base of Libertarians and Independent voters in addition to the Democratic and Republican parties. His base is scattered across the political spectrum, whereas Jill Stein’s voters are all stuck solely on the far-left side. Gary Johnson is polling at 9.2% nationally compared to Jill Stein’s 2.7% according to at the time I am writing this post (9/14/16). With two months to go, Jill Stein has about the same chance of winning the election as a toaster.

On top of this, Jill Stein has only ever been a candidate for a major elected office and has never held a job in major public office. She has run for five state-level elections losing four times, and has never broken the 25% mark in share of votes in any election she has competed in. The single election she has won was a 16-way contest for SEVEN seats and she won her position with under 600 votes. This win netted her a spot as a town hall representative for Lexington, Massachusetts, which I can’t imagine to be comparable to running a city, state, or nation.

Jill Stein has no experience dealing with the amount and range of responsibilities Johnson has had to deal with as a two-term Governor in the history New Mexico. Stein is not even on the ballot in all fifty states to boot which should show enough about her lack of political organization. We are not voting only in protest as independent voters, we are still voting towards our future and a leader of this country, and Gary Johnson is the only candidate outside the two parties who has a chance and relevant government experience to govern this country.

I have heard that I shouldn’t try convincing Stein supporters to vote for Johnson based on math because it is the same argument Clinton supporters have used to get Berners to vote for her. However, it is not quite the same argument and is an argument Clinton was using to bolster support for the two-party system in saying that we must vote for her to avoid Trump. Clinton assumed she could rally Sanders voters because she thought they agreed with her on enough issues to suck it up and “vote blue”. She underestimated how much Sanders voters despised her past and history of hawkish policies and corruption and many Berners still aren’t voting for her.

My argument is one that acknowledges all four parties impacting this election. Even if you don’t agree with Johnson on most issues, Jill Stein has no mathematical chance to win and your support could still help a candidate who has a chance to win and who does not support war and does support some key liberal social issues. The argument I am making is an attempt to put the largest independent party into the presidency to break the two-party system garnering the help of one of the much smaller independent parties and progressive voters.

We Berners and Progressives do not belong in the Democratic Party as was clearly evidenced in the collusion against Bernie’s revolution by the DNC. We are not the Libertarians’ base either. We want to topple the two parties. Our best chance to do that this election is with Gary Johnson. Stein supporters say they want to break the system, but they are only working to keep the two-party system from breaking, and Stein and the Green will do the same again in four more years.

Though I do agree with the Green party’s political views more than the Libertarian party’s views, they do not stand a chance in November. If you want to cast a vote for her as a protest it is your right, but if you won’t vote for Gary Johnson because he doesn’t support all of your issues you will continue to perpetuate the current system our country suffers under. We do not get everything we want when we vote for public offices but we can at least attempt to elect someone who is not a war-hawk, supports equal rights, abortion, legalization of marijuana, and is not a racist in Gary Johnson.

If the Democrats hadn’t flipped Bernie the bird and denied the populist wave he was riding we might not be worried about finding someone else to vote for, but they did and Johnson is the only candidate on the ballot in all fifty states that stands a chance. Vote Johnson and help break the two-party system, or fragment the independent vote and get more of the same.

…and don’t accuse me of being paid by the Johnson campaign because I wish I was getting paid to write this.

Continuing Bernie Sanders’ Progressive Revolution

This weekend progressives were given two middle fingers by the Democratic establishment and the Democratic National Committee. The first was with the selection of moderate Tim Kaine as Hillary Clinton’s pick for Vice President. The second was the confirmation of many Bernie supporters’ theories found in WikiLeaks’ release of DNC emails which implicate the DNC in actively trying to squash Bernie Sanders’ candidacy.

Following the release of the DNC emails, progressives can at least be joyous that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has beeen exposed and has subsequently resigned from her position as the Democratic party’s leader, but we do not have much to be joyous of in the grand scheme of things. Our voices are being squashed by those who run the “Democratic” party. We did not fail Bernie, the system failed us. Bernie Sanders has lit a fire in the hearts of progressives in his quest to win the presidency, but his mission is not accomplished yet.

If we as progressives want a real political revolution then we are going to have to move into new areas and compete for districts and Senate seats we do not have representation in. If we want real representation then we have to make changes to the electoral map for it to occur. We can’t sit in the cities where the majority think like us and convince the nation our values are the best path for the nation.

Don’t be confused though, this idea is not a call to convert people to think like us, it is a call to get more progressive representation in our government by changing the demographic layout of our country. If we are lucky, we can change the attitudes of our neighbors in the process. If Bernie can gain the support of large swaths of the conservatives in his mostly rural state of Vermont, then we can do it elsewhere in the country.

What is the progressive agenda and what are progressive values? The progressive agenda is interested in putting money into the nation’s infrastructure, taking away tax breaks from corporations who don’t deserve them, regulating Wall Street fairly, providing single-payer healthcare to our citizens, avoiding harmful trade deals, and avoiding regime-change in other countries, to name a few things. Progressives value helping our citizens out because the people are what make the country function, and we believe that if the people of our country are taken care of (within reason) we will all benefit collectively both economically and socially.

Many Democrats say they believe in the same agenda and values but their true nature shows in their voting records. There is a large portion of the Democratic party and independent voters that prefer progressive beliefs over the Democratic establishment’s ideas. This is why we as progressives need to capitalize on the rise of Bernie Sanders’ political movement and spread our ideas across the nation. The seeds have been sown for the progressive revolution, but we need to tend to them to make our ideas come to fruition in our political system.

Establishment Democrats don’t want a revolution, they mostly just detest the social positions and bigotry presented by the Republicans. Left-wing voters don’t seem to have the balls to come through with a political revolution like the Tea Party did with the Republican party. They are too logical and rational to a fault and will always fall in line, even with flawed candidates because they are too scared to be blamed if their candidate is not elected. Democrats and the DNC know the electoral math favors their opinions with the status quo as is, so they don’t have to change their platform.

There has been a wave since the rise of Bernie Sanders of progressives trying to defeat establishment Democrats in primary contests, but that is only due to Bernie having the chutzpah to stand up to the establishment and give us a voice. Progressives want a revolution because we are tired of only voting for candidates who are socially acceptable yet go against our beliefs on most everything else: Wall Street reform, regime change, trade partnerships, etc… We are also tired of voting for Democrats who profess support for these ideas to capture voters, but never come through with help for these causes. We need to do Bernie Sanders justice for giving us the voice to believe it is possible for a political revolution to occur and make it happen.

Bernie was right to call for a primary challenger for Obama when he ran for the 2012 election, but nobody agreed because they were too scared to look weak as a party. The Democratic party has catered too much to the right and needs to focus on true progressive values if it ever wants to be the party of the people, and while I love Obama and voted for him both times, he has been more of a centrist than he advertised himself as.

We, progressives who vote, need to stand up for our values, and cover more of the electoral map so that we don’t have to capitulate and give up so much potential progress at the negotiation table just to get a small amount of progress gradually.

How will we do it though?

Progressive values tend to be focused in concentrated areas across and incredibly vast nation (San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, etc.), but this concentration is leading to less representation in politics for progressive ideas. It may be nice that people are congregating to bastions of liberalism but when you focus your population in small areas you will see the same results: conservatives control a large portion of the country and the laws we pass because liberals and progressives don’t exist as much in small rural areas. Your representative may support your ideas, but because of how our country is divided electorally, their voice is being drowned out by the Republican party and those in the Democratic party who are more moderate or centrist.

Attitudes are more progressive and liberal in cities compared to rural areas. This is not to say that conservatives do not exist in cities, but statistics show that population centers are more left-minded than rural areas. In 2012 when Jeff Merkley ran in Oregon, nearly every county voted for the Republican candidate but Multnomah county carried Merkley over the top to victory late in the night in what was a close race until Portland and it’s suburban sprawl were officially counted.

Why is this? I do not think it is simply because of more diversity in the cities, especially since I came from the Portland area, where seemingly everyone is white and the diversity is substantially lacking. I think it is because when you are living closer to people and are more aware of the situations your neighbors are living in, you are more concerned with those around you than when you are more isolated and only tend to see people in a similar walk of life as yourself.

If progressives want to change the country then they need to become the neighbors and friends of conservatives, not a distant fellow citizen whom they will never see or agree with.

The reason liberalism is failing and we are seeing the rise of Trump is because a large portion of the nation holds onto conservative beliefs and liberals are not doing anything to understand them and why they believe their values are better for the nation. They want their voices heard, whether or not their beliefs are right, productive, or founded in fact or reality. You cannot change the opinions of a large portion of the country simply by telling them they are wrong and that they should accept your ideas. You have to show them through your own lifestyle that there is nothing wrong with the values you have and things you believe in.

If we use Missouri as a case study from the 2012 election we can see that Romney won with 1.48 million votes to Obama’s 1.22 million, a difference of only 260,000 votes. Romney won with roughly 54% of the vote to Obama’s 44%, but Obama only won a total of four counties out of 114 total counties in the state. A further look at the electoral results from the 2012 election shows that 46 of these counties were decided by under 2,000 votes. 12 of these counties were decided by less than 1,000 votes, and 5 counties were decided by a difference of just 500 votes.

According to Roy Blunt, a state senator for Missouri, Missouri is also home to around 100,000 individual farms, which is apparently the second-most in the nation. I submit to progressive-minded people that those across the nation with farming backgrounds should venture out of the urban areas to farm in the rural areas of places like Missouri in droves. Make a living doing something you already know in a place where people do not think like you.


If progressive-minded urban farmers are committed to their eco-friendly values, maybe they can move to areas where people don’t think like them and fundamentally change farming in these areas in addition to the attitudes of their neighbors in the process. Urban farming has already caught steam and popularity in cities, so I don’t think we need to worry about an exodus of urban farmers to rural areas causing urban farming to end.


Long story short: progressives need to move into these areas where only 500-1000 votes could swing whole counties.

Bernie Sanders lit the fire, now we have to tend to it and make his vision for America happen. Conservatives love to say that us Bernie supporters want free stuff, when in reality we want to work hard and be rewarded for our hard work. Let’s show conservatives how hard we can work and let’s put a progressive in the White House in 2020.

The Two-Party System is Crap

The two-party system we operate under in the United States of America is complete and utter crap.

The two-party system has lead to stagnation of actual change in America. When one party takes power, they must reign back the changes the other party has made in order to advance their own party ideals, often at the expense of the other party’s progress which may have taken years of fighting. This leads to a drastic back and forth over policies and an overall slowing of change, if any change really happens at all. Republicans want no new taxes; Democrats want a strong social safety net. The two bicker back and forth to try to find middle ground (often they don’t), and we the American people suffer because of it as we are forced into deadlock.

We could take a lesson from other countries in how we operate our political parties though and such rigid standstill may not be an issue holding us back. In many countries, they operate with three or more political parties. Some will form a majority coalition with other parties to win an election and work together based on shared interests. This allows individual parties to stand for their own ideals as best they can while still working for shared common goals in their majority coalition.

In America we do not see coalitions form between the two parties. With two parties, it wouldn’t be possible. Instead, we see large divisions within each party which make it hard to even define what each party believes. In fact there aren’t even just two parties, it’s just that no party except the Republicans and Democrats receive any airtime which exacerbates the problem and deadlock. The only time you’ll ever see a candidate from either of the residual parties get attention is when you get to the presidential cycle and voters are not happy with the Republicans or Democrats; they are forced to look elsewhere (i.e. Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Ralph Nader, Ross Perot).

Deadlock is dangerous for our democracy as we have seen over the last eight years. Republicans vowed to oppose Obama based simply on the fact he is a Democrat, and Democrats have been stopped in the House and Senate from passing many pieces of legislation by endless different tactics in that time-frame. Examples of this can be seen in the systematic blocking of Obama appointees to various positions, including the recently opened Supreme Court vacancy Merrick Garland awaits a confirmation hearing for. When Republicans try to advance their ideas Democrats stand in the way as best they can as well, and it would be unfair to insinuate otherwise. Both parties are guilty for the deadlock.

If we break up the two main parties however, this type of gridlock and political bickering would not be as effective because we would have other parties to keep us in check, rather than both parties throwing temper tantrums and still garnering the largest amounts of voters. The Republican party has tried to throw an eight-year temper tantrum and they have seen their party weaken. With more diversity in our political system and the realization that members of parties could jettison to a similarly positioned faction, the American people and political environment would benefit from a three-party or four-party system which is more representative of the nation’s views.

Three parties would not be enough to truly represent the American people though. If Progressives and Democrats split and formed a coalition, it would leave a broken Republican party with what seems to be a civil war brewing inside the “Grand Old Party”. A split of the Republican party could see interesting areas of overlapping policy ideas between the anti-establishment voters that have flocked to Sanders and Trump, while the moderate wing of the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton would have overlapping interests in certain economic and foreign affairs with the Republican party. The views of the people would be represented more accurately with more political parties and diversity of opinions.

If we were to see a Republican, Tea Party, Democrat, and Progressive faction each working for their own policy positions we would get more accomplished. The division in the main parties exists because neither truly represents all of those within their ranks. Instead of spending so much time infighting over the vast differences in ideals under each of the two parties, we would release the tension and allow each of the parties to bring their ideas to the table for discussion. If smaller parties seek out each of their own agendas, policy discussions wouldn’t be based simply on toeing the party line and capitulation to the majority. The individual parties could come to the table to negotiate with their own perspectives to help find a compromise and independent voters wouldn’t have to blindly accept proposals of only Democrats and Republicans.

According to Reuters, the independent voting block in this country sits at around 42% of the country while Democrats and Republicans hover around 29% and 26%, respectively. Independent voters will only flock to the Democratic or Republican agenda until they recognize the power of  the independent voting block on their own.

Bernie Sanders as an Independent within the Democratic party has the majority of voters under 45, and as the voters get younger the support is even higher. If the Democratic party truly wishes to advance their agenda and increase the party’s size they should actually attempt to win over the generation of voters that will give birth to the next generation of voters: young voters. They are not winning these voters currently as evidenced by Bernie Sanders’ rise in the Democratic party and his supporters’ unwillingness to vote for Hillary and the establishment. Working on a coalition of liberalism and progressivism could lead to a majority that would defeat the Republican party and any subdivisions within as their party fractures.

I could stand behind a coalition of the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren progressive faction of the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton’s center-based faction. That coalition would not be defeated in our current political climate and could siphon conservative voters who disagree with the Republicans as well as many independent voters who agree with the social agenda of the Democratic party.

That being said, I could not stand behind a solely moderate and center-focused Democratic party. I am an independent voter. I shouldn’t have to vote for Democrats just because we as a nation don’t have the balls to be willing to change the gridlock provided by a two-party system. I am not a Democrat. I look at the issues and select the candidate I believe agrees with my views. Just because Democrats agree with me on social issues does not mean I have to vote for Democrats who I disagree with on foreign and economic issues.

There are many reasons why this system will not work in the U.S. including our electoral college rules and the general worry of breaking up the parties, but we do not need to accept this antiquated political system. We can do better as a country and we should demand better. We should not accept the status quo as fate. We as Americans need parties which better represent the people, and the two-party system does not offer that.